• Elven Shield, from Thranduil's signpost do 19n,turn torch,n,e. Kill everything in that room. The Chief has a key and the three trolls have skull helmets worth 100 gold each at Thranduil's shop. After you get they key go //west and pull bone, unlock the chest, get the shield from the chest.
  • Great Dunlending Shield, from Edoras signpost do 10n,13w,5n,2e,s,kill dunlending.
  • Sindarin Shield, from Rivendell signpost do s,sw,sw,path,e,porch,enter,n,garden,s,push vines,trail,e,reach into hole,get torch. Light the torch and go south to kill the trolls. Once they're dead //do 2n and kill Hrugg for the shield.
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