• Backpack, from Rivendell do ne,ne,5e,u,n,pick east door. This pack is very small, you can't bash down this door, and as soon as you open it an elf will attack you.
  • Ceremonial Shield, from Rivendell signpost do s,sw,sw,2s,3w,27s,se,se,e,e,part bushes,cave,alcove. Open chest, two snakes will attack you. Once they're dead, get all from chest. (The Ceremonial Helm is also included in the chest).
  • Cat-Hide Pack, from Adornas signpost do 3n,3e,cottage,w,kill cat,skin cat and get it's pelt,e,n,give pelt to crone,ask crone about scissors,get scissors,give scissors to crone,closet,pull thread,out,give thread to crone,s,e,get needle,w,n,give needle to crone, and she'll give you the pack.
  • Emerald Shield, from Thranduil's signpost do 12n,16e,crawl behind shrub. Wait until the Easterlings pass by, then go and kill the guy north of the shrub for the shield.
  • Goblin Backpack, from Rivendell signpost do s,sw,sw,2s,3w,27s,se,se,e,e,part bushes,cave. Kill Yubezan, loot corpse.
  • Large Harvesters Pack, from Minas Tirith do trigger trudges todo score, travelto linhir. When you stop midway through travelto kill the lad for the pack.
  • Pelt String, from Rivendell signpost do 3s,5w,12n,3e,path,squeeze through gap. Kill the trolls and untie the ranger (make sure you have a hand free). He'll give you the pelt string.
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