Jeweled Dagger

From Edoras signpost:
n,11w,2s,hill,3s,kill wildcat, crawl under shrubs, hint about cheating to Gnaph

kill Gnaph when Mytogh is Near Death

do 2s,squeeze through crack[need light], rub bulge, w, kill yook[Herat axe(wielded)]

sw, kill leader[Bonetooth Axe(wielded)]

get key from corpse, unlock chest with corpse, get locket from chest, wear locket, out, e, twist lever, squeeze through crack, climb root[35EP], out, crawl under shrubs, 2n,swim pool, give locket to maiden, get dagger, wade waterfall

do n,foothills,2n,11e,s

Great backstabbing weapon
3 weapons received from this quest
Should be able to solo with gear at level 15(may need healing)

Jeweled Dagger (100gp)
Bonetooth Axe (100gp)
Herat Axe (100gp)

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