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At T2T Mud Info we know that some people get stumped, but really do enjoy the thrill of figuring things out on their own. To them, giving them exact directions can rob them of a good time. Yet, sometimes you wander around aimlessly long enough and you start to really crave a little help. We call these bits of help "hints." Hints should not contain exact directions for completing a quest, but provide limited enough help to allow one to help themselves. A good example of a hint might be:

Butterbur can be found in Bree east of the town sign. Be on the lookout for The Prancing Pony.


At the same time we realize that if you found this web site by Googling for "t2t quest info," you're probably looking for or hoping to stumble across some very specific directions that you can quickly whip into an alias or to complete something that has been bothering you for an extended period of time. Like the MUD mods, we would encourage you to try and figure things out on your own. If and when that fails, check out our hints; and if you still find yourself stumped, then feel free to give the "gimmes" a go! A good example of a gimme might be:

Arguindel the pelt trader, from the Bree sign do 2e,se.
alias this: alias breearg do 2e,se

Gimmes and Hints by t2tmudinfot2tmudinfo, 14 Jun 2008 22:18
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