Elven short sword

From Thranduils:
do s,3sw,w,sw,11w, move ivy, kill bear, e, pull root,kill cub, hole, search corpse, 5listen, get sword, get pack, kill spirit

do out,w,u,11e,ne,e,3ne,n

Commonly referred to as the 'ESS'
Comes with a sheath
Can be avenged to make it more powerful
Should be able to solo with decent gear around level 10

Bear pelt (50gp)
Bear cub pelt (25gp)
Elven short sword (100gp)
Backpack (30gp)

To Avenge

From level 7 of Minastirith:
do 2w,nw,w,2s,d,w,archway,e,archway, pull tap, push barrel, ladder, turn torch, e, unbar south door, s, pry grating, pit(pause), pry grating,2e,climb ladder, (be sure you are wielding the Elven short sword)pry grating

When the sword says attack, kill Sereg(be careful as he can backstab)

do w,nw,9n,3w,s,w

Should be able to solo around level 15 with gear

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