Dragon longsword

Planned route:
From Druwaur Signpost do e,sw,ask chief about help,ne,2e,kill man(ruffian will join in and you have to kill them both),knock door,kill haggis(loot key),unlock door,n(5 weak patrons will jump out along with the barkeeper), seize barkeeper(when he reaches near death he will surrender),alley,inn,2w,sw(receive longsword)

Easy route:
From signpost do 3e,kill man(kill man and ruffian),knock door,kill haggis(loot key),unlock door,n,kill barkeeper(shape him every round til he hits near death),alley,inn,2w,sw,ask chief about help,ne,2e,knock door,n,seize man,alley,inn,2w,sw (receive longsword)

The easy route eliminates the patrons but the guards aren't there to protect you. With decent gear you can solo this quest at level 7/8.

Dragon longsword (rewarded) 100gp
8-10gp per patron x5
9gp for ruffian
19gp from chubby man
key from haggis(single use)

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