• Dwarven Hauberk, from Lothlorien signpost do s,13w,7n,nw,n,nw,2n,2nw,3w,nw,2w,sw,3w,2s,sw,s,e,2n,2ne,2se,2s. From there swim west and kill the watcher. Focus on him because the tentacles will die once he dies. This is best done solo because the more people there are present the harder the quest is (more tentacles spawn). After he's dead swim south, roll log, get the gold and hauberk. Make sure you're not too encumbered or you won't be able to swim back. To get back do 2n,2nw,2sw,s,s,w,n,ne,n,n,e,e,e,ne,e,e,se,e,e,e,se,se,s,s,se,s,se,7s,13e,n.
  • A Pair Of Black Chausses, from Thranduil's do 14n,25w,garden,ne,nw. Here, type lie down, admire statue. This will take a few rounds, and you will get messages about how pretty the statue is. At the end of the messages, you will be urged to stand up and touch the statue, at which point do rest off,stand up,touch statue. If the quest is in you'll end up inside the mansion. If it's not in, you will recieve the following message: "You touch the statue, but you feel nothing special. You probably just got carried away." Inside the mansion, look at the scroll on the floor and it will disappear. Then do se,look chains,pull chains. When you pull the chains the slave will knock you out for a bit. Make sure you have both hands free. Kill the slave, eat some pasties and do 2s. An easterling will attack you, and when you've beaten him soundly enough he'll stop fighting and start talking. Make sure your weapon is sheathed and type forgive man. He'll walk away, at which point do sw,nw, with your weapon still sheathed. An elf warrior will chat with you briefly. Type step forward. He'll give you a few instructions, just do what he says (variations of lean against wall or break west window). When you've followed his orders enough to please him he'll hand you a scroll and disappear. Look scroll and it'll disappear, do n where you'll meet Cicatrix. He'll ask you to follow him. Do north and wait. Cicatrix rambles a little and eventually drops your reward on the floor, which with a little luck will be the Chausses (It could be other, not bad items, too). To get back to Thranduil's signpost do ne,out,se,sw,out,25e,14s.
  • Sturdy Armor, from Edoras signpost do 10n,13w,5n,e,get rope,climb rope,e,n. Tenzek has the armour (as well as the Menacing Spiked Mace, which you can sell at a shop for 100 gold).
  • A Pair of Steel-Plated Boots, from Outpost do 6n,99w,campsite. The chest with the boots is in the southeast exit from the center of camp guarded by a single guard(sword of umbar/50gp). the key is in the northern tent held by the captain who has a bodyguard. Kill the bodyguard(iron longsword/50gp) first as he is not x-protected. kill the Captain and get the key, an elegant steel longsword and 100 coins. The boots are inside the chest by themselves. In the southern tent you can also find a suit of fine studded, leather armour on the officer. Loot includes sword of umbar (50gp), iron sword (63gp), elegant steel longsword (191gp), steel-plated boots (20gp), a suit of fine studded, leather armour (optional) (200gp). To get back, do 99e,6s.
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