a pair of steel-plated boots.

Starting location: Outpost

To: 6n,99w,campsite
The chest with the boots is in the southeast exit from the center of camp guarded by a single guard(sword of umbar/50gp). the key is in the northern tent held by the captain who has a bodyguard. Kill the bodyguard(iron longsword/50gp) first as he is not x-protected. kill the Captain and get the key, an elegant steel longsword and 100 coins. The boots are inside the chest by themselves. In the southern tent you can also find a suit of fine studded leather armour on the officer.

sword of umbar 50gp
iron sword -63gp
elegant steel longsword -191gp
steel-plated boots -20gp
a suit of fine studded leather armour(optional) -203

99e,6s to outpost

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