Welcome to T2T Mud Info

This site was and IS being created for players of The Two Towers by players of The Two Towers. We believe that when adventuring through Arda, you will probably enjoy yourself more if you figure things out on your own, but we also believe that it should be your decision whether you peek into the "cheat book" or not. This wiki is not designed to be your game, but instead an enhancement to your playing experience. Lets face it, we've all been newbies at one time or another, and most of us were given "unofficial, hush-hush" help too. Which is good, because if we had not most of us probably would have gotten too frustrated to hang around long enough to have helped others with that same unofficial, official help. The fact of the matter is, Arda is an awfully big, and sometimes intimidating, place!

What you will find here is quest info to assist you with levels, items, alignment, and other miscellaneous quests. In addition, you will find out where trainers, vendors, auctions, and inns are located. We aim for this to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date T2T Info site out there for one very good reason: it's being made by you! So feel free to jump in and learn, and after learning be sure you come back and contribute to the wiki yourself. Remember to help others just as you have been helped.

By the way:

We highly recommend that when you register, you do not choose a username that matches the names of one of your playable characters. We don't believe that the T2T mods should have any say over what takes place here, but you can't ever tell how someone may or may not respond.

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